Warhammer Age of Sigmar RPG: Soulbound - Era of the Beast

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Era of the Beast is the tenth major supplement to the Soulbound line, focussing on updating the timeline of the ongoing grand narrative of the Mortal Realms. In particular, it retells the Broken Realms saga – a period of great upheaval across the Mortal Realms – as new gods rise and others wither, and the forces of Destruction rise to become more emboldened than ever before. Contained within are brand new Player Archetypes based on characters from the era, including the Draconith — towering dragons driven to the edge of extinction, now returned to take back their homes! Explore the wild realms of Thondia, a primal land filled with beasts great and terrible, and pitch player characters against a dedicated bestiary of the insidious Kruleboyz — swamp dwelling Orruks who use terror and cunning to hunt their foes.

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