Knight & Day Games backs a lot of different campaigns from publishers of all sizes.

We do all the workload and follow up so you don't have too!

Here are a list of common issues that we see frequently:

- No Retail Pledge. This generally means we need to piece together an order which takes some time so we can't complete the order. We won't list anything on our website that we don't have a deposit and specific pledge secured.

- Shipping. Some publishers don't charge for shipping until it's ready, and this can create quotes that are uniquely high compared to similar games and their pallets.

- Incomplete Orders. This can happen and it's unfortunate when it does because it's out of our control.

If there is something missing from inside your box, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via our Discord or Support Email to see what we can do for you as we should have a direct line of communication to that publisher.