Q - Are you under new Ownership?

A - Yes! In early June 2023, Morgan Fleur De Lys, along with his Wife Michelle and Hassan Sheikh purchased The Gaming Goat. They are all Vegas locals that would love to give you board game recommendations, help you find the best prices on Trading Card Games, and bring positivity to our community! You may also meet the new store managers, Tony and Grant!

Q - What is your return policy?

A - We have a full return policy posted on the website, next to the link where this FAQ is located.   (https://tgg-games.com/policies/refund-policy) Under the new owners, we are looking to update this policy as of 7/14/23.

Q - How long does it take to process orders?

A - We process orders within 3-15 business days for in-stock generally.  This varies by the timeline of when shipments are being received.  Some days we get pallets of Kickstarters and other games!

Q - Why was I E-Mailed tracking for the order, but it shows not picked up?

A -  Sometimes they send one truck and it's automatically scanned, and sometimes it's scanned at their HUB down the street from the warehouse.  But the pickup area is located 15 feet away from our desk.  So if you have tracking it will be dropped off immediately!

Q - I saw on social media that someone received a Kickstarter game, why don't I have it shipped to me yet?

A - 95% of games enter the US from the port in California, and then travel all the way across the US and are then packed and shipped to Knight & Day Games in Las Vegas.  It just depends on where we are on their fulfillment list! Some publishers put retailers first in fulfillment, and some last, and that's all totally their call as it's their business!

Q - Why are your prices so cheap?

A - Our main goal is to serve the Las Vegas Community with THE best pricing in the entire county. Selling at our prices also allows for us to move a higher amount of volume, and we love to order pallets worth of games and cards! You may also see we have better pricing than anyone else online and we're proud of that! WE DO NOT PRICE MATCH

Q - So why do you go through the effort of selling trading card games if there is no margin involved in the sale?

A - Buying power.  When you spend money you raise allocations on extremely rare products.  Products that we care about, that our customers demand.  So when a board game comes into the US market in a small wave, we can usually purchase almost the entire wave in one chunk.  Thus controlling the entire board game market in between print runs.  Balancing allocation and buying power is the name of the game! 

Thank you!