Shipyard (2nd Edition) with Wooden Parts

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In the 19th Century, the Age of Sails met the Age of Steam, and for a time, ships moved across the ocean under power of both wind and coal. It was an exciting time to run a shipyard!

Buy equipment. Hire crew. Build the ships that will power commerce, immigration, and naval supremacy. Will you build many small ships and try to score frequently, or will you put all your effort into one grand vessel that will score tons of
points at once?

The game is centered around a unique action-selection mechanism with constantly-shifting options. Plan ahead, bide your time, then strike when the iron is hot. Build the fleets that built the world!

This includes a small package of wooden parts to add to your enjoyment of the new edition of Shipyard. It contains:

24 x captain,
24 x merchant,
24 x stoker,
24 x soldier,
24 x crane,
24 x chimney and
24 x cannon
24 x flag (sail)

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