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In the tabletop roleplaying game Shadowrun: Takedown, you and your friends assume the roles of runners, serving as mercenaries and deniable assets for powerful megacorporations. The corps have hired you and your crew to handle the covert tasks they prefer not to have on their official payroll. Engage in these missions, survive, and strive to achieve legendary status in the streets.

Players select their roles and runner boards, each providing unique stats that influence the gameplay for each character. This game introduces the Mastermind role, a solitary position that supports the team in exclusive ways but cannot physically participate. The Mastermind can grant special bonuses to players during missions, along with their own role-specific benefits. Each player has the opportunity to acquire specialized gear and upgrades to enhance their abilities. While gear can be exchanged among players if it suits someone else better, technological improvements and specialized training upgrades are restricted. The game offers a range of balanced character and gear advancements, allowing characters to develop over the course of a progressively challenging campaign.

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