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Phantom Epoch Deluxe Edition

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Phantom Epoch is a fully cooperative 1–4 player tactical combat roleplaying board game with a persistent, choice-driven, 40+ mission campaign that blends sci-fi and fantasy themes.

In a galaxy where the secrets of interstellar travel have been lost to time and primitive peoples war over ancient technology, players are thrust into missions to stop an encroaching threat. As they play through missions on numerous planets with a variety of biomes, they will discover the true nature of their enemy, and will have the opportunity to unearth the rich story of the world of Phantom Epoch.

A wide range of character choices, including human and alien species which can be combined with a diverse set of classes, allows players to create and grow their own characters to match their own play style. Each mission has its own map, objectives, enemies, and challenges. Every map has a completely unique layout. No two missions will be the same, and players will have to adjust their strategies accordingly.

Outside of missions, players will need to gather resources to repair and restore functionality to the starship that serves as their headquarters. Doing so will unlock facilities to improve their characters with upgraded equipment, attributes, and skills. As secrets from the past are revealed, they will gain combat knowledge in the form of branching advanced classes that allow players to further customize and empower their characters.

Before missions, players prepare their equipment and Action cards that they'll bring with them on a mission. During a mission, players and adversaries simultaneously select Action cards at the start of each round. The selected cards determine the turn order for the round. During their turns the players and adversaries play the selected action cards one at a time. The campaign is made up of 40+ missions, and ends when the final story mission is played. As a fully cooperative game, players win a mission together by completing the mission objective, or lose together when all players are defeated or the objective is failed.

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