Magic the Gathering: Secret Lair - Raining Cats and Dogs Commander Deck

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Whether you're a cat person, a dog person, or just a Commander person, our latest Secret Lair Commander deck, Raining Cats and Dogs, will get your tail wagging.

Featuring 5 reversible borderless cards, each with a cat side and a dog side, this high purr-formance deck lets you flaunt your cat-titude or prove your bite is worse than your bark. First, you'll fill your board with fur-rocious friends, then you'll unleash a doggone cat-tastrophe on your pet-rified pup-ponents—all for your own a-mews-ment.

The deck includes 3 reversible borderless display commanders printed on a thicker cardstock (great for showing off your commander but not legal in sanctioned play) as well as 10 Plains, 5 Mountains, and 7 Forests for a total of 22 traditional foil basic lands with new art.

There are 73 non-foil reprint spells and nonbasic lands and 11 non-foil tokens—plus 2 traditional foil Dog // Cat tokens with new artwork.

These cards feature paws-itively wag-nificent new art by Allison Carl, Alayna Danner, Jakob Eirich, Nicole Gustafsson, Fiona Hsieh, Jack Hughes, Nana Qi, and Andrea Radeck.

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