Hunter: The Reckoning: 5th Edition: Alma Maters Sourcebook (Pre-Order Expected Release JUNE 2024)

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History. Mystery. Secrets.

The colleges, universities, and other academic institutions in this book are rife with all three. Containing everything from succinct locations to take the heavy lifting out of designing a campus setting, to four deeply-developed settings suitable for an entire chronicle. Alma Maters sheds light on the ivory towers of academia - home to information that can keep a Hunter cell alive, and quarries that want them dead - in the World of Darkness.

  • Over fifty concise, ready-to-use academic-themed locations, including supernatural influences.
  • Four fully detailed academic institutions each with a chronicle's worth of problems.
  • Two antagonist groups that can be threats to any cell in any setting.
  • New and revised player options to tie a Hunter to the world of academia.
  • Rules and options for expanding research and investigation in the World of Darkness.

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