Gravity Maze

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This logic maze responding to the laws of gravity will test your visual perception and your reasoning skills. The objective is to create a path through the towers, which will lead your marble to the red target Tower.

1. Select a challenge card and position the towers on the grid as shown.
2. Now determine where to place the other towers on the grid.
3. Position the towers so that the ball falls from the Start Position and passes through each tower before landing in the target Tower?

YOU HAVE WON ! The translucent towers can be arranged to create a variety of visually stimulating structures, but for each challenge you'll also need to think carefully and arrange a path that leads your marble to its target. Sixty challenges, with varying levels of difficulty, for many hours of creative building and brainstorming! After completing all the challenges, have fun building your own marble mazes and creating your own challenges!

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