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Finish line is a dice game where players bet on three races.

At the beginning of the race, 7 horses are laid out in a starting order. Some horses will be favorites (F) and some are steady runners (S). Each player will place two bets on a combination of two horses to place 1st and 2nd, and calculates the odds of their bet based on the type of horse and their position.

Each race revolves around rolling the 27 custom dice, which come in 5 colors. The first player chooses three dice of at least two colors, rolls them, and selects one. The remaining two dice are passed to the next player who adds one more (maintaining 2 different colors if possible), rolls and selects one, and so on until the dice pool are used.

Some dice have horseshoes which, when selected, are used to move a horse (the roller chooses) up in the order. The rest of the sides show eleven (11) different sides which may be used to alter the value of horses, place a side bet, manipulate the order, and even disqualify a horse!

The player with the most money after 3 rounds is the winner.

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