Fallout RPG: Factions - Battle For Nuka-World Starter Set (Pre-Order)

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Welcome to Fallout: Factions, the brand new Fallout Miniatures Skirmish game from Modiphius and acclaimed game designer James Hewitt! In Fallout: Factions, you lead your own gang of Raiders through the ruins of Nuka-World, cutting the competition out of your territory and watching your Scavvers, Psychos and more grow and change with every scrap. Containing everything you need to play the game, this Starter Set allows you to get a jump on the competition with enough miniatures to start building your own gang, before taking the fight to a friend!

The Fallout: Factions - Nuka World Starter Set contains:
• 1x 80-page rulebook
• 1x sprue of 10 hard plastic multi-part The Pack miniatures (+ bases)
• 1x sprue of 10 hard plastic multi-part The Operators Miniatures (+ bases)
• 3x sheets of punch-out terrain
• 1x battle map and poster
• 86 tokens
• 12 dice
• 1 tape measure

This box set includes twenty 32mm scale high-quality multi-part hard plastic miniatures with optional parts and 30mm bases. Requires assembly. Supplied unpainted.

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