Dungeons and Dragons: Book Tabs - Dungeon Master's Guide



Never lose your place with adhesive book tabs for the Dungeon Master's Guide. This pack contains 92 acrylic tabs designed to help busy dungeon masters keep track of important sections like magic items, treasure, and even blank tabs for complete customization. The Dungeon Master's Guide book tab pack contains the following:

• 20 Large tabs
• 1x Introduction
• 1x Chapter 1: World Building
• 1x Chapter 2: Creating a Multiverse
• 1x Chapter 3: Creating Adventures
• 1x Chapter 4: Creating Nonplayer Characters
• 1x Chapter 5: Adventures Environments
• 1x Chapter 6: Between Adventures
• 1x Chapter 7: Treasure
• 1x Chapter 8: Running the Game
• 1x Appendix B: Monster Lists
• 1x Table: Random Magic Items
• 1x Table: Gemstones
• 1x Table: XP Thresholds by Character Level
• 1x Table: Treasure
• 5x Blank tabs
• 72 other Small tabs that cover various subchapters and sections of interest

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