Digimon TCG: Double Typhoon Advanced Starter Deck (ST-17)

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The 2nd Advanced Deck Set with two popular Digimon!

Advanced Deck Set featuring popular Digimon "Terriermon" and "Lopman"! Just like the previous Beelzemon ST14 set, this set brings incredible power to the deck! All cards are high-quality silver foil cards or better!

One of the new features starting with this set will be a Bonus Pack included with each set! Each pack contains 1 of 6 alternate design versions of cards from this deck! This will provide incentive for users to buy multiple sets!

• 1 pre-constructed deck (54 cards)
• 10 side cards
• 2 memory gauges
• 1 pack of 60 card sleeves
• 1 bonus pack

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