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In Delta, players set out on an adventure through the Delta region of Kamargo, to try and gather more information about the crystals that power up the PSEs. as players observe the mechanimals such as the tortoise, flamingo, horses, and bulls. Send your crew to the different sections of the board to try and maximize your actions, and later on add new crew members to your team and even set out on special missions.

Product description
The deluxe edition includes (lines in bold are KS exclusive):

- 1 game box (2.65mm)
- 1 game board (2.8mm)
- 4 player boards (3.1mm)
- 21 advanced character cards (black core)
- 24 animal cards (black core)
- 26 mission cards (black core)
- 12 last-round cards (black core)
- 40 basic character cards (black core)
- 11 turn order bonus tiles (wood)
- 20 dragonfly reward tiles (wood)
- 25 flasks
- 25 crystals
- 1 round marker
- 16 scientific paper tiles (3.1mm)
- 14 invention tiles (3.1mm)
- 4 engineering markers
- 4 turn order markers (printed)
- 4 VP markers
- 64 exploration markers (wood)
- 16 knowledge markers (printed)
- 12 card markers (glass)
- 4 tuck boxes
- 4 rulebooks (157gr)

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