Deliverance: The Game of Spiritual Warfare Core Game



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Since the victory on the Cross, you have hunted the fallen angelic Princes. Once your faithful brethren, they now lead Satan’s forces of Darkness in a bitter war against the humans, bent on corrupting every last soul.

In a bid to end their reign of chaos, you have planned a daring mission into one of their great Strongholds:

The seemingly quiet human city of Fallbrook, California.

Armed with your weapons, courage, and your God-given angelic powers, you and your faithful allies must overcome legions of demons to slay their leader.

But be watchful, for the darkness of the world seems to be spreading into the spiritual realm...

Deliverance features:
  • Thematic cooperative gameplay
  • Highly intelligent enemies controlled by the game itself
  • Asymmetric action-driven tactical combat
  • An innovative random battle system that guarantees every battle feels fresh and interesting
  • Multiple difficulty levels
  • Two game modes: A rich story-driven Campaign and a skirmish survival mode!
  • A well-crafted solo play experience that fits all Campaigns and survival mode


  • Core game

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