Deadball: 1909



Inspired by the gritty baseball of the early 1900s, Deadball: 1909 is a lightning-fast game for one or two players that uses real stats to bring the ballpark to your tabletop. It is a standalone expansion to the bestselling Deadball: Baseball With Dice. You do not need the original game to play.

This expansion takes Deadball back to an era when home runs were rare, scores were low, pitchers were demigods and the stolen base was king. Featuring new rules for the hit-and-run, the suicide squeeze, and environmental factors such as low light and bad balls, Deadball: 1909 is faster, dirtier and meaner than the original game.

As always, Deadball uses real statistics that every fan knows and understands, like batting average and ERA, allowing new players to pick it up in minutes. The game's rules are easy-to-learn and endlessly customizable, letting you remake the game as you see fit. And Deadball: 1909 is fully-compatible with the original Deadball, making it easy to pit modern players against the legends of 1909. 

This book includes basic rules for ultra-fast play, advanced rules for a deeper game, and the complete rosters for the eight team Southern Circuit, an eight-team fictional league whose star players are truly larger-than-life. It's baseball at its rawest, right in the palm of your hand. 

This book contains:

  • Rules for hitting, pitching, baserunning, defense, and everything else that can happen on a baseball field
  • An introduction to baseball scorekeeping
  • A random player table that allows you to roll up a new team in minutes
  • Guidelines for creating and running your own league, including rules for new prospects, high-stakes trades, catastrophic injuries and player aging
  • Detailed rosters for the legendary Southern Circuit
  • Period-appropriate photos and color illustrations
For the dead of winter, for the dead of night, for when your team is dead in the water, Deadball is there.

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