Terminus (Base Pledge + Metal Resource KS Gift + Custom Molded Resources) (Pre-Order)

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The city has hired you and your competitors’ transit companies to build new subway lines and commercial developments to improve the city's bottom line.

Manage assets such as time, money, & resources to build your subway line. Gain prestige by completing objectives and fulfilling the city’s transit demands. Focus on individual projects, open Agendas, or a little of both in an effort to earn more prestige than the competition.

Can you stay on track to deliver on the city's many needs?

Terminus is a subway planning, developing, and construction game for 2-5 players, aged 14+, taking 30-40 minutes per player.


Terminus Base Game

Kickstarter Gift (50x Metal Coins, 10x Metal Terminus Markers)

All Applicable Stretch Goals

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