Portland Occupied Zone (Charity Donation)



We will be sending all proceeds to a charity of our choosing, happy gaming!

Portland Occupied Zone
 (POZ) is a semi-cooperative board game where you and up to seven other players roleplay as slacker activists trying to bring about Revolution in Portland’s fantasy Hawthorne District. The objective is to transform your neighborhood from a late-stage capitalist hellscape into a slacker Marxist utopia.

The game is turn-based. At the beginning of every round new Narratives and Aktions are drawn and voted on, and the police and the Medic will take their turns. There are no discreet game stages, but the early game will likely be focused mainly on looting and burning, which builds up your characters and the POZ. The Police are quite tough, and players are unlikely to be able to defeat them early on.

When space for building has been cleared out and players have amassed a large enough arsenal, it will be time to bring the fight to the Man. The police work on a simple AI (similar to Space Hulk). They will be relatively passive early on but their aggressiveness will increase as the POZ grows.

POZ is semi-cooperative, and there are two conditions for winning:

a) The POZ must be built up, the police must be defeated, and the courthouse must be occupied. This is a group effort which benefits all players.

b) Once the courthouse is occupied, however, only the player with the highest score is the winner.

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