I Guess This Is It (Vegas Local Pickup Only)



A two-player game about saying goodbye.

We had such a good run. We were great together. Now we stand in front of each other, just minutes before our last goodbye. There’s so much to say. And so much we know will be left unsaid.

I Guess This Is It is a two-player game about saying goodbye. Players take the role of two people once strongly connected standing before each other in the final minutes before their last goodbye. They will work together to try and say as much as they can before leaving, but being careful not to hurt each other's feelings.

The mechanics aim to emulate the emotions of the moment, in which there's so much you want to say before they go, but you also don't want to make the other person feel guilty or neglected. You know time won't be enough and there will be things left unsaid. How do you make the most of this last instant together?

When no story cards remain, it's time to say goodbye. There's no more time for stories. The person leaving says the words on the Goodbye card, then gets up and leaves. After a short break, get back together. Reveal the cards left on your hands. Those are the things left unsaid. Look at them together one by one, and silently reflect on their meaning, on how you wish you had just a little more time together. If you both had the same amount of cards in your hands, you at least feel you were on the same page, and your final conversation was in sync, like the good old days.

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