Funkoverse Strategy Game: Kool-Aid Man 100 (Pre-Order)

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Funkoverse Strategy Game Expansion: Kool-Aid Man #KA100 is an expansion for any standalone title in the Funkoverse line-up that features:

  • A unique playable character, Kool-Aid Man!
  • New abilities that allow Kool-Aid Man to bust through walls!
  • Sparkly Points to add an effervescence to your victory
  • The ability to combine this expansion with other Funkoverse titles to create the ultimate team
  • Since Kool-Aid Man can bust through walls, altering the map through the use of his Rubble Tokens, the game changes for all characters in play!
  • Kool-Aid Man’s Splash Zone ability is a powerful area of effect attack that can do a Challenge 3 to all adjacent rivals.
  • Kool-Aid Man’s Oh Yeah! ability allows him to move through a wall and do a challenge with a single action. Use this to surprise rivals that thought they were safe behind a wall.

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