Magic the Gathering: Playmat: Double Sided: Delver of Secrets / Insectile Aberration (KS Limited Edition)

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Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity!

Each Playmat has the following features:

  • Extended Artwork - The artwork on each playmat has been extended by Nils beyond what appears in the card frame to perfectly fit the new format.
  • Standard Edge  - Due to being double-sided, we are unable to offer these mats with a stitched edge, so they will all have the standard unstitched edge seen on most UltraPro playmats.
  • Limited Edition - We will never reprint any of these playmats, ever again.  This is your only opportunity, ever, to get this artwork on a double-sided playmat. (Playmats are printed in units of 50, so we’ll print to demand, but no more than the closest unit of 50.)
  • Unique Signature Stamp - Due to international shipping costs, we are unable to offer the mats with hand signatures, so Nils is designing a unique hand stamp just for this project.  Each mat will be hand stamped on both sides and the stamp will be destroyed after the project, making each mat unique to this project.
  • Minimal Logos - We work with UltraPro and Wizards of the Coast to minimize the impact of their logos as much as we possibly can.

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