Battle Spirits Saga TCG: Lore Set 01 - Ancient Heroes (L01)



➀ 30-Page Lore Book with a gold foil cover
A new type of product featuring a 30-page Lore Book with a gold foil cover. This illustrated book entails the history of a time far in the past when the Voidlords, the villains of BSS02 -False Gods- were sealed away!
Experience the lore of Battle Spirits Saga’s past, and discover insight for future sets as well!
Reading it will not only make BSS02 and BSS03 more enjoyable, but also give insight for future sets as well!

➁ 20 brand new cards (10 types x2 each) in rainbow holo with gold foil

20 brand new cards (10 types x2 cards each) are here with a fantastic rainbow holo and gold foil design! These cards strengthen archetypes from BSS01 and BSS02. Tying into this product’s lore, heroes from the Warring Nations Era such as Manaka and Kei are here with new card text! Competitive players will purchase two of this product for a full card set for their decks!

➂ 2 BSS02 -False Gods- Booster Packs included

2 BSS02 -False Gods- Booster Packs are here for more opportunities to collect these cards. Booster packs from this set have a random chance to contain GUNDAM collaboration cards!

☆ Lore Book x1
☆ Promo Card (Holo + Gold foil) x20(10 Types)
☆ Booster Pack (BSS02) x2

♦ × 1 Display = 6 Sets
♦ × 1 Case = 8 Displays

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