Algomancy (Base Game Pledge) (Pre-Order)



1 Copy: 2-5 Players

2 Copies: Up To 10 Players

In Algomancy, you are an Algomancer vying for control over an AI simulation. By manipulating the source code of the world you are able to cast spells, summon armies, and augment game objects to modify their capabilities. Players use these Algomantic powers in a conquest to vanquish the opposition and become the last one standing.

Algomancy is an expandable cube-style drafting card game with CCG-like player interaction and a variety of game modes.

The dynamic draft mode allows players to draft their hands from a communal deck during the game so they can adapt their strategy on the fly and works best for 2-5 players.

Pre-draft or cube draft allows players to draft a constructed deck through a traditional drafting method before the game begins, and works best for 6-10 players. Players can either play a series of 1v1 games or larger group games in a free-for-all or team structure.

Constructed is where players build decks of cards from the card pool to challenge other players who have done the same. This works for any number of players.

Team constructed allows a team of players to create a group deck, which that team will draft from during the course of the game. This works best for 6 players (3v3).

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