Hoth Base Station Dry Erase / Base Leader Display for Star Wars Unlimited (Pre-Order)



Hoth Base Station, Single Leader, Dry Erase Damage Tracker and Base / Leader Display for Star Wars Unlimited TCG

Dimensions: 7.2" Wide, 7.4" Tall and .22" Thick

Base Station for the Star Wars Unlimited Card Game, features 2 pockets that easily fit your base and leader. Along with two side acrylic panels that can be used for keeping track of all your epic actions and base damage, along with your opponent if you would like. Or just use it for doodles of epic space battles, Tie Fighters, X-Wings, or AT-AT walkers.

The housing is a black 3d printed shell, and easily fits your base and leader cards, in a standard sized card sleeve, or a gamegenic slide case.

While we strive to supply a perfect product, these are hand painted and imperfections may arise, but will not effect the function of the product.

*Marker and Eraser not included, but will work with any dry erase or wet erase marker

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