Magic the Gathering: Secret Lair - Goblingram

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Tired of prowling around the same old burrows and battlefields? What if there was a place you could lurk with your friends and not worry about a sudden ambush or mutiny? You’re in luck.

Goblingram is THE digital space to scheme, menace, and conspire with your horde.

Using Goblingram’s claw-friendly interface, you can share pictures of your latest conquests, skulk on your friends’ profiles, and even mutter comments on their posts! Plus, advanced privacy settings let you hide and creep without anyone knowing who or where you are. It’s for goblins, by goblins.

Don’t wait. Download Goblingram today and you’ll be making enemies in no time.

Art by Mark Behm, Zoltan Boros, Caroline Gariba, Jakub Kasper, Svetlin Velinov, and Scott Okumura.

1x Brash Taunter 
1x Goblin Chieftain
1x Goblin Ringleader
1x Goblin Welder
1x Mogg War Marshal

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