Nils Hamm's Premium Foil Token Set



For the more discerning Token collector, we offer our Premium Foil Tokens.

Printed on high-quality, blue core 300 gsm card stock with an added holographic foil layer, these tokens are absolutely radiant.

Every token unlocked through the project will also be available as Layered Foils.

What this means is that each token will have parts that are shinier and catch the light, customized to that card. It's hard to illustrate, but if you've seen Foil cards from a certain popular game that these tokens can be used with, you know exactly what we mean. 

Layered Foiling means better contrast for the darker areas and truer color for the midtones. Vianki will process the art for each card, selecting both tonal highlights and content highlights (such as swords or silvery bits) for the most effective foiling.

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