Final Fantasy TCG: Anniversary Collection Set 2024



The Anniversary Collection Set 2024 Box contains the following:
• Storage Box
• 253 Cards
• Quick starter guide
• Reversible paper playmat
• New PR cards
• Commemorative PR Cards
• [PR-158] Snow & Lightning (all premium full-art cards)
• PR Cards in pre-made deck
• [PR-155] Laguna x 3
• [PR-156] Zack x 3
• [PR-157] Aerith x3
• One of each type is a premium full-art card
• Reprint Legend Cards
• [11-064L] Ursula
• [12-116L] Locke
• [12-119L] Y’shtola
• [13-002L] Akstar
• [13-028L] Physalis
• [14-042L] Bismarck, Lord of the Mists
• [14-102L] Leviathan, Lord of the Whorl
• [14-122L] Al-Cid
• [15-084L] Robel-Akbel
• [16-088L] Black Waltz 3
• [16-100L] Y’shtola
• [18-100L] Lenna
• 2x 12 types for a total of 24 cards. One of each type is a normal version full-art card

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