Dragon Ball Super TCG: Beyond Generations Zenkai Series EX Booster Box (BT-24)



The "Unison" cards from the UW series are getting a power up as the new Z Card... "Z Unison” further expanding the range of Z Card play! The heart of the game, the leader card, finally comes in a low pull rate Alt Art version. Experience the cool and gorgeous leader card designs with different illustrations and specifications. The "GOD Rare" card is also available in a low pull rate card that always creates a great response from users! Finally, that long awaited card is included as GDR...! DBSCG's card design has been partially updated to a simpler, more sophisticated, modern design. The DBSCG as you have never experienced it before is now here!

  • 24 packs per booster box 
  • 8 cards per pack 

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