Digimon TCG: Special Booster Version 2 - Booster Box (BT18-19) (Pre-Order) (11/1/24 Release)

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➀ The first combined booster towards unifying the different languages release dates!
This set contains the cards from what would have normally been BT18 and first half of BT19. This is part of our adjustments to unify the release dates of the different language versions. Players are looking forward to being able to enjoy the same environment and new additions fairly worldwide.

➁ Includes many characters from the TV Anime “Digimon Frontier”!
Many Digimon and Tamers from TV Anime “Digimon Frontier” are included in this booster. In addition to Digimon appearing for the first time, there are option cards to support popular Digimon like EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon, making it possible to make new Hybrid decks!
Digimon like Dynasmon and LordKnightmon also get the power of ACE. In addition, the protagonist’s final form Susanoomon gets the power of ACE and can gather the power of all Hybrid Digimon!

➂ Digimon from the manga “Digimon Xros Wars” are added!
The lineup includes many Digimon from the manga “Digimon Xros Wars” that are making their debut in the game. ZeedMillenniummon which played big parts in the manga are now cards in the game!

➃ The English ver. exclusive bonus get powered up even more!
❶ The usual BOX TOPPER is being upgraded from 1 card/pack to 2 cards/pack, now including Tamer/Digimon cards.
❷ Additionally, a new bonus, the Lucky Pack will be included as a BOX TOPPER, featuring 22 varieties.
Exciting to open and find out what’s inside!

➄ Digimon Card Game’s first-ever signed card!
First ever signed Digimon Card is in this set!
Get a card shining with the signature of Kenji Watanabe, the Digimon character designer! It will be included at a low pull rate and a must see for collectors!

BT18-19 Rarities
♦ Common: 56
♦ Uncommon: 40
♦ Rare: 28
♦ Super Rare: 18
♦ Secret Rare: 4
♦ SP Cards: 4
♦ 150 card types
*Also includes alternate art and/or design cards from the above types.

• 1 Booster Pack = 12 cards
• 1 Display Box = 24 packs
• 1 Case = 12 Display Boxes

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