Digimon Card Game: Chains Of Liberation Booster Box (EX08) (24CT) (Pre-Order) (01/10/25)



➀ Many characters from “Digimon Liberator” are in the card lineup!
Many characters from the ongoing webcomic “Digimon Liberator” are featured in this booster’s card lineup! The protagonist Shoto Kazama’s new trump card MedievalGallantmon along with new Tamers and their partner Digimon! Will you digivolve these new Digimon from “Digimon Liberator”?

➁ Invasion of “Nightmare Soldiers” and “Deep Savers” Digimon!
2 powerful families of Digimon appearing in the virtual pet line “Digimon Pendulum” are also invading the card lineup. This means “Nightmare Soldiers” Digimon like Myotismon and Piedmon, as well as “Deep Savers” Digimon like Plesiomon and MetalSeadramon.

➂ Lineup include Digimon getting the X Antibody power up for the first time!
Many Digimon are getting X Antibody, which has already powered up many decks, for the first time! The popular Gallantmon X Antibody is back with new power! In addition, there’s now Barbamon X Antibody of Seven Great Demon Lords, Sakuyamon X Antibody , Justimon X Antibody, and more being added!!

➃ 2 BOX purchase bonus!
Includes the luxurious card designs of the Legend Pack, which was a BOX purchase bonus for EX07 and received rave reviews! Additionally, new text cards will be added as a BOX TOPPER to enhance EX08!

EX08 Rarities
★ Common: 22
★ Uncommon: 20
★ Rare: 18
★ Super Rare: 12
★ Secret Rare: 2
★ SP Cards: 4

78 card types

*Also includes alternate art and/or design cards from the above types.

♦ 1 Booster Pack = 12 cards
♦ 1 Display Box = 24 packs
♦ 1 Case = 12 Display Boxes

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