Wizards and Relics (Premium Edition Pledge)



Choose a mighty Wizard, pick up an ancient Relic and battle your rivals with this easy going, fast paced, magical multiplayer dueling card game for 2-4 players!

In Wizards & Relics, you must defeat your rivals by secretly laying down a wizard and a relic. Players have decks of 30 cards that consist of Wizards AND relics. Each round is unique, as there are archaic ruins called Shrines, that give magical boosts/bonus’ to certain wizards.

A combination of your Wizard, Wizard Advantage, your Relic, the Shrine, and your opponents will result in a power score for each player. The highest total power wins the round.

When your wizard wins the round, it goes to the Hall of Immortality.
The number of players determines the amount of wizards needed in your Hall of Immortality to win the game. For 2 players, 5 wizards. For 3 players, 4 wizards. For 4 players, 3 wizards.

Awaken your inner wizard with this versatile expandable card game.

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