Unlikely Heroes: Vikings, Cowboys & Pharaohs (Legendary Quest Pledge) (Pre-Order)

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Explore the map, encounter challenges and save the day! An adventure board game for 1-4 players.

Unlikely Heroes is a narrative adventure game with 3 different immersive stories and unique challenges, featuring... well... unlikely heroes, tasked to save the day.

Vikings, Cowboys or Pharaohs?

Start the game by flipping the first map tile and explore each corner of the map. As more and more tiles are added to the table, your team will encounter enemies, treasures, tools, weapons and in the end, hopefully, save the day from evil.

Divide the unlikely heroes amongst the players. Choose a quest and follow its setup instructions. Each quest is a unique story and has a unique goal.

Now, as you adventure through the lands, in search of answers to your quest, you‘ll meet monster, tricksters and people in need. You’ll find weapons, potions and trinkets for keep. You’ll face heroic challenges as you test your luck in every encounter, but be careful; when your luck runs out, it’s game over!

Play the unlikely pharaohs! Adventure through 3 unique stories of undead, magic, and mummies. Can you save yourself and your reputation?

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