The Big Shuffle: A Film Noir Card Game and Red Light Expansion *clearance*

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The Big Shuffle is a film noir card game where you are trying to make your way in an uncaring city. You play a classic noir character who is trying to set up the perfect scene for their agenda. You have to play smart though, as it is easy for someone else to change the scene for their benefit also. Full of role playing opportunities, The Big Shuffle pairs well with a cigar, whiskey, and smooth jazz.

In essence it is a 2-4 player game where everyone gets a different set of win conditions and you are trying to stop the others from hitting theirs with the scene cards in the middle. You not only have to plan your turn to try and change it to your win condition, but also use your reaction cards to try and stop others from winning on their turn keeping gameplay interactive and interesting even when someone else is trying to swing things in their favor.

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