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Pingyao is a city destined to be traveled to, filled with people destined to travel.

During the Qing Dynasty, a time before coal powered travel, citizens of Pingyao relied primarily on camels to cross through deserts, wilderness, plains and cities to trade wealth and goods. The nation was divided, unable to operate an efficient economy. A national agency of bankers was established as a means to connect all of China. With a network of banking created, wealth began to accumulate, and Pingyao city became the financial heart of China.

Pingyao: First Chinese Banks is an economic dice-as-workers placement game in which players assume the role of famous Jin Merchants in the Qing Dynasty. During the blossoming age of banking, players will expand from Pingyao city to open agencies across China, offering remittance services to businessmen in order to earn profits. The goal of the game is to build up money over 8 rounds, and be the wealthiest player by the end.

Throughout the game, players will be required to recruit reliable managers to oversee their agencies, which can grant powerful abilities. With cash in hand, players may deposit their earrings to gain interest, or offer loans in exchange for government favors and fame. The player that earns the most profit and fame will win the game. Pingyao: First Chinese Banks also includes a Solo Mode, in which the player will be challenged by a series of quests.

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