Fractured Sky (Deluxe Edition Pledge + Lenticular Card Pack)

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Fractured Sky is a game of deduction, sneaky strategy, and resource management set on a fantastical island. Players lead their kingdom in the hunt for shards of fractured falling stars, which are rumored to grant wishes to those that can amass enough of them.

Using airships, players send their armies to regions with the star shards, but finding those is not always easy, and hiring seers to predict their falls can be worth the investment. Over time, players will increase their presence on the island, placing permanent buildings to give them advantages like extra resources or increasing the size of their troop numbers.

Only one wish will be granted, so who will amass the most shards before the final star falls?

All the fancy things.
176 miniature pieces, magnetic airships & tokens, custom player trays, box organizer, and more.
Each Game Contains:
1 Game Board
20 Starfall Cards
36 Objective Cards
24 Solo Mode Cards
15 Airship Miniatures
70 Player Marker Cubes
60 Airship Power Chips
12 Airship Power Solo Tokens
28 Starfall Tokens
25 Market Miniatures
25 Fortress Miniatures
25 Skimmer Miniatures
5 Privacy Shields
1 Starfall Tray
1 Rulebook
5 Player Trays
1 Storage Tray
1 Lenticular Card Pack

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