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Life in the big city moves pretty fast, so it's no surprise that more and more people are seeking something a little slower paced. Whether that's a quest for knowledge, a thirst for adventure, a desire for inspiration, or a need to reconnect with your ancestors, the Faraway Valley offers countless opportunities to leave it all behind.

You and your best friends have decided that it's time to change the world — albeit in your own small way. With that in mind, you arrive in the Valley with plans to craft new villages from scratch. Explore the forests, discover intriguing sites, create pop-up buildings and attract new friends, all of whom will help you create the perfect place to live — but you'll also have to make sure everyone's needs are met. Can you convince them to stay in your idyllic paradise?

Faraway Valley is a worker placement game in which you must do everything you can to make sure your workers actually stay at the end of the game. Over the course of eight rounds, you need to explore the local forest by placing exploration tiles and by clearing space for strategically placed buildings and housing as you strive to meet the requirements of your villagers.

Victory points are earned through meeting villager requirements, constructing buildings, planting trees, collecting fruit and gaining in-game achievements. The player with the most VPs at the end of the game wins, having created the best new village in Faraway Valley.

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