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Divinus is a competitive, legacy, tile-laying, digital hybrid game in which you play as a demigod seeking to gain the favor of the Gods and ascend to a new pantheon. Players embark on a twelve-scenario campaign that will see them exploring lands, completing quests, interacting with Gods, and impacting the outcome of the epic clash between Greek and Norse pantheons.

At the start of each scenario, players open a sealed box containing new quests, components, stickers, Gods, and more. The Divinus app provides a narrative and sets the stakes. Players use dice to explore new world tiles and strategically place them on their demigod map. Changes made to demigods and the game world are permanent, adding to replayability. The app also allows players to make pivotal decisions that impact future gameplay. The campaign should be played over multiple sessions for a changing world and new unlocked content. After completing the campaign, players can replay with Infinite Replayability mode.

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