Age of Dogfights: WWII (Base Pledge) (Pre-Order)

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The game depicts air battles during WWII in a very realistic way. A special quality of the game are the altitude stands that are easy to handle. The game covers the period of the war from 1942 to 1945 in Europe, when the USA became heavily involved in the war. The game uses the Triangle system, which is very flexible and allows many optional rules to be applied. The mechanics of the game allow simulation of battles with a large number of individual aircraft, with a fluid gameplay.

The game may seem too simple at first sight, as most of the mechanics are numbers (speed, agility, firepower, etc.) which are modified by dice and several factors. However, while being easy to use, the basically simple mechanics form a very realistic set of physics, which simulate velocity, direction changing (both horizontal and vertical) and damage inflicted by firing.

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