2/28 - Heat: Pedal To The Metal Mini-Tournament



The atmosphere crackles with anticipation as engines roar to life, echoing through the arena. Welcome to the electrifying tournament of Heat: Pedal To The Metal, where adrenaline junkies and master strategists collide on the asphalt battlefield. Spectators lean forward in their seats, eyes glued to the action-packed spectacle unfolding before them. With every twist of fate and strategic maneuver, competitors push their vehicles to the limit, navigating treacherous curves and unleashing turbocharged power-ups with precision timing. Cheers erupt from the crowd as racers jostle for position, trading paint and leaving trails of burning rubber in their wake. In this high-octane showdown, only the boldest daredevils will emerge victorious, claiming glory and the coveted title of champion amidst the thunderous applause of adoring fans. Are you ready for it?

Join Us For Our Heat: Pedal To The Metal Mini-Tournament On Wednesday, February 28th @6pm

Each Entry Receives A Raffle Ticket For a $10 Gift Card

Winner Prizes Per 4 Player Pod:

1st Place: $20 Gift Card
2nd Place: $10 Gift Card

The above prizing is for 4 players. If more attend, we will increase prizing accordingly. 

In order to participate in this event you MUST bring your own copy of any of the following games (or purchase a copy in our store).

Heat: Pedal To The Metal

Tournament Format:

  • Swiss tournament round structure (explained below).
  • Three rounds total.
  • No player elimination.
  • Timed 90-minute rounds or until individual game completion for each group/pod (whichever is shorter)
  • Winner bracket from round 1 play against each other in round 2
  • Loser bracket from round 1 play against each other in round 2
  • This process repeats itself for round 3 where only winners from rounds 1 & 2 will play against each while the loser bracket players against each other.
  • Tournament software crunches the math to determine challenge ratings of players and ultimately the final winners of the event.
  • This is the same software used for trading card game events like Magic The Gathering & Pokemon, which has a well-established and proven track record.

*Flavor text written by ChatGTP. We thought it was really fun and none of us have creative writing degrees, haha!

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