5/18 One Piece Tournament Event 6:00pm



32 Entrants, sign up on TCG+ as well!

3-5 Swiss Rounds, play until 1 X-0.

Each win will award you $4 in-store credit!

1st will receive a winner card, 2nd will receive a Judge card!

All TCG accessories (sleeves, deck boxes, playmats, backpacks) are 25% off during events! In-person only. 

You can use gift cards, and store credit, to purchase this ticket.

Any store credit earned via prizing can be used on product purchases including pre-orders.

If you can’t make the event, or miss it, please email support@knightanddaygames.com about getting your event ticket turned into store credit. 

If this event doesn't fire due to a lack of participants, you will be sent store credit with no need to email us!

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