MOB - Big Apple



Prohibition, New York City - 1926

Two crime families battle for territory to extort local businesses and control backdoor distribution of spirits.  Each family fights dirty, doing all they can to seize ownership of alcohol crates, even if that means sending rivals to sleep with the fishes. You are the “Capodecima” for one of these families. Command your henchmen to gain the upper-hand in New York City by collecting crates, eliminating rivals, exposing moles, and tipping off the DA on your opponent.

Do you have what it takes for your family to become Capo dei Capi?

During each round of MOB: Big Apple, players take turns rolling two dice, which they then may decide how to execute each result.  Every roll allows players to cleverly allocate henchmen to the two game boards and perform various dastardly tasks.

These tasks include loading cars with henchmen to drive to locations, loading crates of contraband, revealing their rival’s moles, and alluding the District Attorney. Players ultimately aim to control more territories of New York City than their opponent, so that they may claim the largest payouts of contraband from each location.  This plays out over three rounds, with the winning player possessing the most crates of contraband at the end.

There are six key locations of New York City that are contested each round.
A player begins their turn by rolling one black die and one white die.
The location board is split, with three locations represented by the black die, and three locations represented by the white die.

The values of each die denote which locations may be interacted with, and how many henchmen may travel to that specific location. The white die can be the location, in which the black die provides the number of henchmen that travel to the location, or the black die can represent the location, in which case the white die provides the number of henchmen sent.

During every turn, a player must also send at least one henchmen to perform a specific task on the action board, which can help command cars, expose moles, move crates, and influence the District Attorney to move in on their rival’s family.
Each round ends once both players have allocated all of their henchmen. Then, a battle takes place at each location, with the survivors remaining to guard the contraband.

After the third and final battle, whichever Capodecina owns the most crates of contraband gains control of the Big Apple!

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