My Hero Academia CCG: Class Reunion Box 2022



Celebrate our one year anniversary of the My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game Class Reunion! A premium limited product that will be released once a year so don’t be late for Class and hurry to your local hobby store today! This My Hero Academia: Collectible Card Game contains a whopping 7 exclusive art foil cards, 8 My Hero Academia: Set 4 League of Villains booster packs, and a plethora of premium level gaming aids! The perfect gift for new and veteran players alike!

★ Fantastic value box containing exclusive alternate art foil cards of your favorite My Hero Academia characters.
★ Premium level gaming accessories including a random set of 65 cards sleeves, 3 damage dice, 3 speed dice.
★ 87 My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game game cards; a perfect gift for new and veteran players!

• one (1) Guaranteed Exclusive new card: “The Future is Now!”
• six (6) random exclusive art cards
• eight (8) 10-card SERIES 4: LEAGUE OF VILLAINS booster packs
• six (6) My Hero Academia plastic game tokens
• one (1) 65-card sleeve pack with 1 of 5 random My Hero Academia art pieces
• three (3) plastic damage tracking dice
• three (3) plastic speed tracking dice

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